Anastasia (1997)

So you know the Disney Princesses right? You flew through the air with Jasmine and Aladdin. You’ve sung along with Snow White and prayed the shoe fit with Cinderella. Now have you ever heard of Princess Anastasia? Continue reading “Anastasia (1997)”


Take Me To Greece!

Γειά σου! That is Hello in Greek guys. Any idea what I am writing about today? If you guessed Greece you are corrrect! Amongst the many things on my bucket list, I have been dying to go to Greece for a very long time. Thus, today I will be talking about all of the things I want to see and do! Continue reading “Take Me To Greece!”

Have I Really Changed?

Hello, my loves! Time and time again people are throwing the word “change” around willy nilly. Especially New Years.” New year, new me am I right?” I would love to challenge that theory of whether or not I have truly changed as a person. Continue reading “Have I Really Changed?”

For The Love Of…Mozzarella​ Sticks!

Hello, lovely readers! Today I am bringing to you a foodies delight, mozzarella sticks! The oozing golden crispy sticks that kids and adults crave. Might I say this is my appetizer of choice every time? Keep on reading to hear all about how my love for these fantastic treats have taken me restaurant hopping.
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High School Reflection

Hello, my loves! I have very exciting news…I AM OFFICIALLY A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE! June 8th marked my graduation date from Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School and my diploma acceptance. Today I would like to give a four-year review on my high school experience… Continue reading “High School Reflection”

For the Love of…Cookie Butter!

Greetings my loves! Today my inner foodie has come out to talk to you about one of my favorite things that have ever graced this green Earth, COOKIE BUTTER! Please read on as I bless your palette with heaven in a jar. Continue reading “For the Love of…Cookie Butter!”


Hellooo lovely readers! Today I am sharing with you one of my many favorite shows called backstage. Even though this show is on Disney Channel I am still head over heels in love with the whole thing, plot and all! To stay tuned, keep reading! Continue reading “Backstage”

Coachella 2017

The Coachella Music Festival, a 17-year journey of music and peace colliding in Southern California. The modern day Woodstock, where California transforms from a busy crowded hive to a desert that welcomes raw uninterrupted beauty and nature. Let me escort you all into the trippy hippie limelight that is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival!
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