Hello all, I hope everything has been going well thus far for you all. Something has been pressing my mind a lot lately and its all been due to a certain number. 16. As much as people say age is nothing but a number it holds more than meets the eye. You feel as though you are on a time limit from the day you move up in age and down in youth and longevity. Getting older has been described as getting a year closer to death. As a teen it only makes you feel as though I’m only young once so it has to be done now or not at all. For me it feels as though the clock is ticking and I’ve been in bed for several months. I want success to come quickly and all at once but I may not be ready for all the responsibility that comes with it. Watching kids my age have full fledged careers makes you only wonder what you’re doing wrong. Are you not trying hard enough.  It’s nothing short of demeaning and embarrassing yet it only makes me more hungry. Ever since I was twelve, becoming sixteen was all I looked forward to. It was like taking a leap into the future. In all actuality I wish I could go back in time and accomplish more. The clock is ticking. The hunger is building. The stress mounding..

Sixteen = seize (French)

For the Love of… Pitas

Hello everyone! So lately I’ve been really trying to go more natural. With my hair, my lifestyle, and most importantly my food! I’m not kicking everything completely to go vegan but, I’m trying to substitute things I’d normally eat for a healthier alternative. So I would normally eat whole wheat bread but I wanted to mix it up a little and looked no further at Pitas! Pitas are just as great as whole wheat bread and have a fast variety of things to do with them. Whether it’s cutting them up, throwing them on a sheetpan and making homemade pita chips, stuffing them with lettuce, meats, and cheeses to make a pocket pita sandwich, or really mixing it up and making dessert pita pizzas, pitas clearly have a wide array of things to do with them. That’s what has inspired me to go on a little tandem ride myself and make my own pita creations. But you’ll have to stay tuned for those my lovely readers. But for now see if you can immerse yourselves in your own pita adventures! I’d love to hear about them in the comments. Happy cooking 🙂



Land Ho!

So I recently watched a film entitled “Land Ho!” (I know what you’re thinking why is a teenager watching a movie with two old men on the poster). But the movie was not only funny but it shone a light on the phrase “young at heart”. The movie follows two older gentlemen by the names of Collin (Paul Eenhoorn) and Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson) as they take a trip to Iceland. Surprisingly the two were as lively as ever. Although Collin maybe a bit skeptical at times, he had no problem with a younger woman “tickling his fancy” or going pant-less into a lake of questionable depth. While Mitch on the other hand, was pretty much game for anything. Whether he was in a club full of twenty year olds, enjoying the occasional blunt, or relaxing in hot springs alongside Collin. Both characters disapproved the “old and feebleness” of the elderly. This movie not only showed me how beautiful Iceland is but age is truly no match for the young at heart.

Land Ho Land hó (Icelandic)

K’deja (kuh-dee-juh) but you can call me “KC”

Hello Everyone! My name is K’deja but you can all call me “KC”. I’m so excited to finally begin blogging since I’ve been considering this for almost two years now. Here you will pretty much find me raving about almost anything! I know this will probably take some time but I hope that you all will enjoy reading just as much as I do blogging for you all. Also, feel free to like, comment, and all that other good stuff :)! Happy Reading!

 New Beginnings = नई शुरुआत (Hindi)