Raw Juce!

Happy Sunday loves! Today I bring you more tales of tangy temptation from the healthy eatery Raw Juce! From Smooth-E-Lixers to Acai Bowls this place is worth the try and the buy. Read on to see what I have tried and what’s next on my list! Continue reading “Raw Juce!”


Ways To Be Positive This Year

Happy New Year my loves! 2018 has set itself up to be the year of improvement and becoming anew. Especially since January 1st happened to fall on a Monday. I think everyone should make it a point to work on their own happiness and keep positive at all times. Therefore, I have come up with some ways t be positive this year. Read on my loves! Continue reading “Ways To Be Positive This Year”

Why I Love the Golden Girls

Remember this show? I certainly do and I love it! Click the link to find out why! #NewPost #Blog #Blogger

Hello, my loves! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and spent some quality time with your friends and loved ones! Today I wanted to take the opportunity to share something about myself and reflect on one of my favorite “oldies” before we entire a new year. If you read the title you already know today’s piece is dedicated to The Golden Girls! Click to find out why. Continue reading “Why I Love the Golden Girls”

Letters of Love // Grieving a Loved One

With this holiday season in full swing, it is very easy to forget that holidays are not easy for everyone. With this year being another round of losing wonderful souls and beautiful people, I want to take the opportunity to give someone grieving a little ray of hope. That way they can walk into the new year a new lease on life. Continue reading “Letters of Love // Grieving a Loved One”

1st Influenster VoxBox Review!

Hello, beautiful people of the world! Recently, I have joined a review site, that allows you to review real products by top brands such as Sally Hansen, Sephora, even Hidden Valley! The best part about all of this, *wait for it* 100% free. You don’t pay for a single thing, not even shipping. I was fortunate enough to receive the Lucky VoxBox and I’ll tell you all about it. Keep Reading! Continue reading “1st Influenster VoxBox Review!”

BeBlogalicious Weekend #9!

Hello, lovelies! I have a ton to tell you guys and I will be sure to get to it all now that midterms are over. I hope everyone is doing well and feeling good! Today I have got to tell you guys about the incredible experience I had at this year’s BeBlogalicious in Miami Florida! A huge thank you goes to my mentor and friend, Luvvie Ajay for helping me make this all happen! Let’s get into it! Continue reading “BeBlogalicious Weekend #9!”

M.A.P This Week’s Playlist!

Hello loves! I am back after a crazy wonderful October & Midterms. I have a lot to share with you all and I thought I would start with some music! This is just what I’ve been listening to recently accompanied with some beautiful music videos that I will provide the link to. Keep Reading! Continue reading “M.A.P This Week’s Playlist!”

VeganWeek! // Cloves & Cinnamon

Hello loves! I know what you’re saying, didn’t VeganWeek end already? Nope! I decided to extend it for one more day to bring you all more interviews. I hope you all enjoy the final day of VeganWeek!  Without further ado, meet Cloves our traveling Vegan! Continue reading “VeganWeek! // Cloves & Cinnamon”

VeganWeek! // @TheRawBlogger

Hello loves! I really hope you all are enjoying VeganWeek as much as I do! Please remember that this is all for the sake of learning about new people and lifestyles. Not pressuring anyone to become a Vegan. Without further ado, meet Stella-Kate! Say hello to a fresh face in the Vegan community!

Continue reading “VeganWeek! // @TheRawBlogger”