Letters of Love // To Mothers

Hello, my loves. Here is the fifth installment of Letters of Love. This letter is to all mothers out there. Whether they are here with us physically or forever in our hearts, today is a special day dedicated to remembering and appreciating them all. Remember to pass on the love and show those special ladies in your life that you care. Now here is a letter to mothers everywhere! ( I unintentionally rhymed haha) Continue reading “Letters of Love // To Mothers”


Letters of Love // Grieving a Loved One

With this holiday season in full swing, it is very easy to forget that holidays are not easy for everyone. With this year being another round of losing wonderful souls and beautiful people, I want to take the opportunity to give someone grieving a little ray of hope. That way they can walk into the new year a new lease on life. Continue reading “Letters of Love // Grieving a Loved One”

Letters of Love // Low Self Esteem or Image

Hello, my loves. Here is the third installment of Letters of Love. This letter is to anyone that may have low self-esteem or self-image. remember you do not have to be facing any of this but you can still share this with someone who is. Also my loves we are experiencing Hurrican Irma right now, so if you can all please keep everyone affected in your prayers and stay tuned!

Continue reading “Letters of Love // Low Self Esteem or Image”

Letters of Love// Muslim Women

Hello loves. Today I bring to you all my second letter of love to Muslim and Middle Eastern women alike. If you would like to read my first Letters of Love installment to Burn Survivors, please do not hesitate to check the Letters of Love tab located on my home page. Without further ado, let’s continue to spread the love… Continue reading “Letters of Love// Muslim Women”

Letters of Love // Burn Survivors

Hello, my lovelies. Today is the first day I am partaking in a new segment if you will. It is called “Letters of Love.” This is where I will be writing a letter to a different group of people, for example, today it will be to burn survivors. I want all of my readers to use my letters as a tool to uplift someone. I want people to read these letters and feel a sense of purpose, of joy, and feel loved. I hope that you guys will all take the time to share these with someone you know and love. Continue reading “Letters of Love // Burn Survivors”