For The Love Of…Mozzarella​ Sticks!

Hello, lovely readers! Today I am bringing to you a foodies delight, mozzarella sticks! The oozing golden crispy sticks that kids and adults crave. Might I say this is my appetizer of choice every time? Keep on reading to hear all about how my love for these fantastic treats have taken me restaurant hopping.
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For the Love of…Cookie Butter!

Greetings my loves! Today my inner foodie has come out to talk to you about one of my favorite things that have ever graced this green Earth, COOKIE BUTTER! Please read on as I bless your palette with heaven in a jar. Continue reading “For the Love of…Cookie Butter!”

For The Love Of…Smoothie Bowls

Hello my lovely readers! So lately I’ve been considering making a new change in diet. No let just the whole be healthy bit but to actually try going vegetarian. It’s a huge step but I know in the near or later future I will take the jump. But now I’ve been doing a little food hunting and for a long time I’ve always seen this brightly colored looking sherbet deposited in a bowl or mason jar adorned with the most vibrant of fruits, nuts and seeds. After a few days of searching I came to find the smoothie bowl.
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For The Love Of…Cinnamon Buns

Hello Loves! So I thought I should bring you a post that was not about a movie I have seen for once and bring some food to the table. Today;s rave is about Cinnamon Buns. Yes! That warm oozing cinnamon coated delight. Although it is not macaroni and cheese, cinnamon rolls go down as one of my favorite comfort foods. Folks all over the world indulge in cinnamon rolls whether be a breakfast delight or a pleasing dessert. Fun Fact! Cinnamon Rolls were originally made in Sweden and even has a dedication there for them on October 4th. I am a huge fan of Guy Feri’s Dinners, Drive In’s, and Dives, and this show has given me views of cinnamon buns enough to make me drool behind screen. But my absolute favorite has to be Jimmy’s Down The Street in Idaho, making the most fantastic caramel pecan roll I have ever laid eyes on. Not to mention a portion that is just as big as Guy’s head, now that’s massive! I could only imagine it being as pleasing to the palate as it is to the eye. Continue reading “For The Love Of…Cinnamon Buns”

For the Love of… Pitas

Hello everyone! So lately I’ve been really trying to go more natural. With my hair, my lifestyle, and most importantly my food! I’m not kicking everything completely to go vegan but, I’m trying to substitute things I’d normally eat for a healthier alternative. So I would normally eat whole wheat bread but I wanted to mix it up a little and looked no further at Pitas! Pitas are just as great as whole wheat bread and have a fast variety of things to do with them. Whether it’s cutting them up, throwing them on a sheetpan and making homemade pita chips, stuffing them with lettuce, meats, and cheeses to make a pocket pita sandwich, or really mixing it up and making dessert pita pizzas, pitas clearly have a wide array of things to do with them. That’s what has inspired me to go on a little tandem ride myself and make my own pita creations. But you’ll have to stay tuned for those my lovely readers. But for now see if you can immerse yourselves in your own pita adventures! I’d love to hear about them in the comments. Happy cooking 🙂