M.A.P This Week’s Playlist!

Hello loves! I am back after a crazy wonderful October & Midterms. I have a lot to share with you all and I thought I would start with some music! This is just what I’ve been listening to recently accompanied with some beautiful music videos that I will provide the link to. Keep Reading! Continue reading “M.A.P This Week’s Playlist!”


MAP: Daniel Caesar

Greetings my loves! (I might come up with a fan name for you guys) Today’s story is a music appreciationĀ post to one of my new absolute favorite artists Daniel Caesar. Another rising sensation to come out of Toronto. With four EP’s under his belt Daniel Caesar will skyrocket into fame no doubt about it. Read on to learn more about him and some recommended songs from me. Continue reading “MAP: Daniel Caesar”

M.A.P: Tory Lanez

Hello Everyone! So today’s article is based on a new artist that I have discovered with the help of a music account called Nostalgic on YouTube. Falling into the category of of Rap, with a touch of R&B, Tory Lanez has not only snuck his way into every one of my playlists but into potential stardom.

Continue reading “M.A.P: Tory Lanez”

M.A.P: Troye Sivan

Hello my lovley readers, today I am also bringing you a new artist that I have come across by the name of Troye Sivan. I must say, as often as I listen to music, I can not recall ever liking every song off an album-until now. It just so happened that when I began listening to Troye Sivan, it was the same day his new album Blue Neighborhood realeased on December 4, 2015. It is by far an album worth listening to. Continue reading “M.A.P: Troye Sivan”