Letters of Love // Burn Survivors

Hello, my lovelies. Today is the first day I am partaking in a new segment if you will. It is called “Letters of Love.” This is where I will be writing a letter to a different group of people, for example, today it will be to burn survivors. I want all of my readers to use my letters as a tool to uplift someone. I want people to read these letters and feel a sense of purpose, of joy, and feel loved. I hope that you guys will all take the time to share these with someone you know and love.

Dear Burn Survivors one and all,

I want you to notice something, particularly the title. I did not want to refer to you as victims. You are a survivor.I want to celebrate the fact that you have not only conquered such an ordeal. You will never be claimed victim to anything that tries to take you down, look at you, you are a champion. Let me share something with you all. Today I was at my job and a woman, a burn survivor at that, came into the store. She is statuesque and had a million dollar smile on her face. I was so compelled to walk right up to her. I told her “ma’am you look beautiful today.” Guess what happened next? That million dollar smile illuminated her face yet again. Despite all of the chaos I had endured during the day, that moment. That small morsel of joy I was able to give to someone without anything in return, was the best part of my day.

I know how hard it is to look in a mirror. No matter who you are. It is hard for me sometimes too. However, I do not ever want you to let that mirror determine the person you are. I do not want an altered appearance to change your mind, your perception of yourself, or the heart that is beating inside you at this very moment. I am a firm believer that this is another reason why we should all learn to love ourselves one day at a time. That includes you, my friend. I think the best way to start is to smile. Wake up and smile that there is a new day upon you, and the world is waiting for you to show off that smile. Love that body of yours and own it, with a smile. You rose from ashes, the same way a Phoenix would. You are the figure of rebirth and the beauty found within. You are loved, and I love you. Never forget that darling.

With love, spirit, and soul,

–KC 🙂





(Top, Cover & #1 Left Guiles Dudley Photography, #2 Right Labonya Siddiqui, Last: Schamica “Mimi” Stevenson)

This is one of many letters I will be writing readers. Please do not hesitate to share with someone you know, or even someone you do not. We all share this Earth might as well embrace it with love and open arms. 


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