Wonder Woman

Hello, my loves! Today I am bringing you a movie review about the recent film, Wonder Woman! After a few weeks of working, I finally got to go see it with a close friend of mine. I must say, if you are not interested in the superhero, Marvel/DC world, I would strongly reconsider!

I maybe a little over a month late, but I must say this is a fantastic film. I was never a huge Wonder Woman in the past, mainly because I never understood why she was held on such a high pedestal. Plus, I never knew her backstory. I love superheroes and all, but I never actually got into any of them but Batman. Now that I understand her story, I must say, this movie truly made a fan out of me. As the film opens we are taken to a remote island location and meet the women of the Amazons, and the sole child of the island, Diana (Gal Gadot) . The Amazons are the keepers of peace and hands of justice. Throughout Diana’s childhood, she dreams of becoming a warrior alongside her Aunt and Mother who also happens to be the Queen of the Amazons. Through years of secret training and maturing of her weapon, Diana grows to have the beauty of a goddess and the heart of a warrior. Upon unleashing a small taste of her power, confused and almost frightened, Diana retreats to the far side of the island. A plane crash and a drowning pilot (Chris Pine) catches her eye, and Diana fearlessly comes to his rescue. She saves him, but this is not the worst of her troubles… (Yes, I must cut it off here readers! This movie is a must watch!)

An aspect of the movie that I quite enjoyed, is Diana’s unwavering courage and bravery. She walks head on into danger, despite all warnings and impending doom that may lie ahead. Her heart is pure and her drive comes from her desire to help others and fight for those who cannot. Chris Pine’s character (Steve Trevor), shares with Diana some words of wisdom that his father passed onto him, “If you see something wrong happening in the world, you can either do nothing or do something.” This quote made me realize why we have so many leaders, organizations, rallies, and historical figures. Due to the fact that people are either too afraid to take action or nervous about the outcome or plain out just do not know how thus they do nothing. They become bystanders to injustice and issues. Just because someone is apprehensive about doing something, does not mean you have to continue the chain. Break the infinite loop! There are so many issues in the world, sadly some that still remain silent killers. So why can’t there be one person to give an issue a new face, one of recognition, of resolution, or hope. I think we should all strive to be like Steve Trevor or Wonder Woman, and be the change we want to see in the world.

Readers as odd as this may sound, the best part of this story happens while I was washing my hands after the movie in the restroom. (Don’t worry it is nothing graphic.) As I was washing my hands a woman came up to the sink next to me and began speaking to me. She went to see Wonder Woman just as I did, with someone that appeared to be her granddaughter. She told me it was a great movie and shared a little bit of wisdom with me. She is 70 years old, turning 71 very soon. She told me how amazing it was to see Wonder Woman in real life on the big screen. When she was a child, Wonder Woman has just come out as the newest, and first female heroine. At that time all the little girls dreamt of being Wonder Woman, they looked up to her in all of her courageous spirit and life dedicated to justice. She was aware that although the movie was fictitious she appreciated being able to see what was once a cartoon figure, being portrayed as though it was completely real. Another thing that made me open my eyes a bit was that she told me she looked at the women in her life the same way. She thought of her mother, aunts, her grandmother, and great grandmother as being her own Wonder Women. Doing and facing things that others would avoid. She even told me to think of the women in my life the same way. In a world where women have to unnecessarily compete with men to prove their worth beyond domestication in the household, women are establishing a legacy. One that continues to prove limitless beyond any stereotypes, boundaries or social stigma. I will always keep the words this dear woman said to me this day, and not only because she called me a young goddess. The only thing I regret was that I did not get her name. However, whoever she is, or where she goes in life, her words will always stay with me. One more thing, I would be mistaken if I did not wish her a Happy Birthday.

Thus, readers, I conclude yet another movie review that I hope you all can take away from. I invite all, men and especially my young girls/goddesses and fabulous women, to embrace your inner Wonder Woman, and embrace those that have come before you.



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