Episode – Interactive Story Game

Hello, my lovely readers! Today’s story is actually about stories! There is a game I have been playing for around a year now that I would recommend to all my teens out there. it is called Episode! I’m gonna tell you guys all about the game, some stories that I have read, and some that I would recommend to you all. Keep reading to find out!

Before we get started I just want to let you guys know that you can download this game on any device no matter if it’s an iPhone or Android. Everyone is welcome to play, you simply need to download it!

Episode simply is a game where you read stories as an active participant. Some stories allow you to design your own character or you would use whichever main character the author chooses. As you read the story you will be given many different choices to make such as clothing, things to say and decisions to make. All of which contribute to the overall story and what happens to your character. It is practically a perspective game which is allowing you to play without the real world consequences of course. In order to play the game you need tickets which are accumulated in 3 ways:

  1. Patience: Each chapter/episode of a story costs 1 ticket. After you run out you wait 3 hours for a new ticket. You start off with 3 tickets and the more stories you read it grows over time. 
  2. Pay: If you are extremely impatient you can purchase more tickets but that requires real money.
  3. Challenges: Recently Episode has created a daily challenge where if you read 5 chapters/episodes within a day you earn one free ticket. Trust me its great! Especially when you get to a cliff hanger and you desperately need another ticket.

Also, there are these lovely little gems called diamonds. What these do is allow you to pick special options within your story that give you an upper hand. Most of the time it’s some fabulous wardrobe or a really risky choice.

Now the best thing about this app is obviously the stories! there are hundreds, I kid you not! All the stories are categorized by genre. There is romance, drama, mystery, fantasy, and comedy. ( I am a romance junky myself) In each genre, Episode takes the liberty of showing you brand new stories, top stories, and all stories in that genre available. FUN FACT! Almost all of the stories are created by teens just like you and me. The only other stories are created by Episode writers themselves and are a great place to start reading if you are new. These include Demi Lovato’s tour life, Mean Girls, and the newest addition to the family, Pretty Little Liars!

(Keep in mind teens some stories are for a mature audience so keep a look out for the (+18) symbol in the story preview.)

Allow me to share some of my favorite stories with you guys (Yes, they are mostly romance what can I say, I am a lover ❤

1. Demi Lovato: Path to Fame


Genre: Part of Demi Stories

This was actually the first story I played. It is a lot of fun and highly interactive. It also helps you get a better understanding of the game and gives you opportunities to earn diamonds throughout the story. I highly recommend that if you start playing, try a featured story first. In this story, you get a great perspective from Demi and learning about the hassle and fun of tour life.

2. Summer Share


Genre: Mystery

This is a story I highly recommend for anyone who digs a romance and mystery mash-up. This story starts out as a typical girls trip to the cove but quickly turns into a vacation full brooding secrets, plot twists, and hidden pasts galore. Do not let a mere 15 episodes scare you off now. Each one will leave you wanting more and more…tickets to read that is!



3. Loving Bad


Genre: Romance

Mature Content (18+)

This is a story that had me hanging on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end. A great thing about this story is that it allows you to personalize your own character. Here you will find yourself as a college freshman on the Oxblood College campus. As a reserved girl with few life experiences, you may be in for a whole lot more than you bargained for.


4. Let’s Play Ball




Genre: Romance

This is actually the current story I am reading and I love it! It is by an Episode user named Little Italy and she is fantastic. She really listens to her readers and has continued this wonderful story. This story may start of sad but certainly, helps us find courage and bravery in our characters and ourselves too. Since I am a sucker for romance, there is nothing better or more difficult than a classic love triangle. Though they may be digital, these guys are definitely 10’s on the hottie scale.

(P.S! You can also make and write your own stories and share them in the game!)



5. Super Secret Cedar Hill


Genre: Drama

This is my first drama story and I must say the author really knows how to set an ominous tone. Please keep in mind folks the story is much longer than 8 episodes. Follow through this story as a new transfer student enters into a prestigious boarding school and discovers a secret much bigger than a bunch of mean girls.


So my loves I really hope you give this game a try it is loads of fun and really emphasizes how great stories are when you pass them on. If you already play the game I would love to hear about some stories you have read or even one you have written! Have a great day everyone and Happy Reading 🙂


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