For The Love Of…Mozzarella​ Sticks!

Hello, lovely readers! Today I am bringing to you a foodies delight, mozzarella sticks! The oozing golden crispy sticks that kids and adults crave. Might I say this is my appetizer of choice every time? Keep on reading to hear all about how my love for these fantastic treats have taken me restaurant hopping.

Ah, how do I love thee?

Those fried sticks with oozing cheese

Order for one, please?

Didn’t know I was a poet did you guys? In all seriousness guys, I do love mozzarella sticks. Every time I go out to eat and the waiter/waitress walks up to the table and asks, “do we want to start with appetizers?” All eyes fall on me immediately! There is something about them that keeps me coming back every time. My love for them actually gave me an idea. Since I go out to eat every so often and it is usually a new restaurant, why no try them all? Thus my quest began for the best mozzarella sticks began! I have tried the mozzarella sticks at Flannigans, TGI Friday’s, The Cheesecake Factory, and Duffy’s Sports Bar.  Then I put them to the test based on:

Crunch  (1-5)                                                 Taste (1-5)                                                        Ooze (1-5) and Overall Score

So I am going to brutally honest here guys! So if one of these restaurants listed is your favorite, sincerest apologies! In no particular order, Let the contest begin!

(These are not my images)

1. Flannigans

Flannigans MS

In terms of quantity and size, Flannigan’s definitely wins! Unfortunately, this pile of mozzarella sticks lacked taste. They tasted straight out of the freezer. As for crunch, it was very delicate considering the batter was already made, and if left in the fryer too long they would taste burnt. The ooze was minimal as well. As though I was eating a cheese stick. Could use some work ladies and gents!         

Crunch: 2                                                Taste: 1                                           Ooze: 1

Overall Score: 2

2. TGI Friday’s


Similar in appearance to how the cheesecake factory previously served their mozzarella sticks, TGI’s did a decent job. I was very satisfied with their appearance and taste, but the real star of the show was the ooze factor. Friday’s might have achieved maximum ooze-dom! With my cousin demonstrating, considering if I would have done it, it would have looked odd for an 18-year-old playing with her food. Taking one bite would still have resulted in a stretch fest so I would advise all adults to use a knife and fork.

Crunch: 3                                    Taste: 3                                          Ooze: 5                           

Overall Score: 4          

3. Duffy’s Sports Bar

Duffys MS

My favorite thing about Duffy’s mozzarella sticks would be appearance. They are simply oblong with no uniformity. To me, it indicated that maybe more time was put into the flavor of the actual stick and freshness. Oh, boy was I right! These mozzarella sticks were fantastic. There was a solid crunch accompanied the ooze of the cheese. It wasn’t overpowering at all. Another nice thing is that you can tell the batter was seasoned before frying. Definitely craving some as we speak readers.

Crunch: 5                                                Taste: 5                                           Ooze: 4

Overall Score: 5!

4. The Cheesecake Factory


Unmistakably the most gourmet in appearance, the Cheesecake Factory, and their delicate mozzarella pleasures. *Fun Fact* The mozzarella sticks were actually rectangular and larger before a recent change. The new mozzarella sticks are actually triangular and smaller in size. These were unmistakably the crunchiest of all, but because they are so petite they were had to hold without them potentially getting ripped out of your hand from the ooze. The taste was good, could have used an additional pinch of salt though.

Crunch: 5                                                Taste: 4                                           Ooze: 3

Overall Score: 4

So from my reviews, I think we can properly identify Duffy’s as the winner. I only had them one time and the taste still lingers in my brain. So delectable, they would probably get the Italian seal of approval. Actually, let me not speak for the Italians but, instead, let’s all go get some now! I hope you all enjoyed my first review and happy, oozy eating! 🙂


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