A Conversation: Human Trafficking.

Hey Readers! Today I wanted to do my part in keeping the conversation open and growing about what an epidemic kidnapping, human/ sex trafficking has become. I am not writing this post to scare anyone, just simply sharing the knowledge that has been passed to me. I will also be sharing some posts that I think everyone should watch (no gender excluded!) as well on ways to stay safe. Please click to read and stay safe out there everyone!

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My Top 5 Beauty Products

Hey Readers! Happy Sunday! I’ve been really getting into checking out beauty products and really getting to know what works for me. So, in the spirit of these successes I decided to share with you all my Top 5 products! Also, all l products are still available to purchase and try out! Click to check them out!

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In KC’s Playlist…

Hey Readers! Today I am back with a little invitation to get to know me better. I haven’t done a post like this in a while, however, I love sharing music with others. I’ve always thought its a great way to connect with people and potentially get new picks for your playlist. Click on to see what’s new in KC’s Playlist!

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Out of A Rutt: Get Re-Inspired!

Hey Loves! Welcome to another Sunday post with your favorite hostess (hopefully haha) KC! Have you ever felt like you were in a slump? You are not feeling inspired, motivation is low, and coming up with an idea is harder than cooking blindfolded. I’ve certainly been there far too often, but recently I have been trying to get my creative mojo going again. Let’s get re-inspired folks, click on!

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On the Brain: A Chat About Dating

Hello loves, welcome back to another Sunday Special with yours truly. Today I thought, “Why not have another chat?” so here we are. Grab a snack and drink of choice, today I’m sticking to water, and let’s have a talk about dating. Click on to get started.

*Sips Water*

Pocky Flavors Ranked!

Hey Y’all! I am back with a little treat for my foodies out there. I have been eagerly trying to find as many Pocky flavors as I can for a taste test. Now if you do not know what Pocky is, it is a biscuit covered in chocolate or other flavors and toppings. A cookie on a stick if you will. Click the link to see my top picks!

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On the Brain: A Chat About School

Hey my loves! How was everyone’s week? Good, I hope. Today I thought we’d just hang out and chat. I’m inviting you all into my brain for a conversation about school. I’ll be having a smoothie while writing this, so grab a drink and join me for a chat about school. Click below!

Cheers buddy

My Hero Academia Season 3 Review

Let’s Go Beyond Plus Ultra Readers! It’s time for another anime review from yours truly. Possibly my favorite anime of all time is My Hero My Academia or Boku No Hero Academia if you’re fancy like that. If you’re a Toonami watcher like me, we have finally finished the season! So with Season 4 rapidly approaching lets get into this review!

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Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation

Hey everyone! Today I am bringing you my first ever makeup review! Though I am certainly not a makeup pro by any means, makeup is another artistic avenue I love to venture on. Courtesy of Influenster and Urban Decay, I received the new Stay Naked Foundation to try out! Let’s break it down and get glammed up! Click the link to read on!

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Forever 21 Back To School Haul & Styles

Hey Hey Loves! Happy Sunday! I have been super excited all week to bring you guys my back to school haul featuring my favorite, Forever 21! I think this haul would be more appropriate for high school/college students so please keep that in mind! Click on to see some looks for the books!

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