MTW Jewelry

Hello, lovelies! Today is a very special day because I will be sharing my first interview with you guys featuring MTW Jewelry creator and owner Seray! Please continue reading to learn more about the incredible shop owner and see some of the fantastic things she has in store! Continue reading “MTW Jewelry”

Letters of Love// Muslim Women

Hello loves. Today I bring to you all my second letter of love to Muslim and Middle Eastern women alike. If you would like to read my first Letters of Love installment to Burn Survivors, please do not hesitate to check the Letters of Love tab located on my home page. Without further ado, let’s continue to spread the love… Continue reading “Letters of Love// Muslim Women”

Summer of 8

Greetings my loves! For my newer readers, I want you guys to know how much I love movies. This movie, in particular, has sparked up a lot of controversy on a popular movie review site IMDb. Summer of 8 to be exact. I am going to show you guys some reviews I read, and I will share my peace too. I would love to hear what you guys think as well. Read on for more! Continue reading “Summer of 8”

Letters of Love // Burn Survivors

Hello, my lovelies. Today is the first day I am partaking in a new segment if you will. It is called “Letters of Love.” This is where I will be writing a letter to a different group of people, for example, today it will be to burn survivors. I want all of my readers to use my letters as a tool to uplift someone. I want people to read these letters and feel a sense of purpose, of joy, and feel loved. I hope that you guys will all take the time to share these with someone you know and love. Continue reading “Letters of Love // Burn Survivors”

Wonder Woman

Hello, my loves! Today I am bringing you a movie review about the recent film, Wonder Woman! After a few weeks of working, I finally got to go see it with a close friend of mine. I must say, if you are not interested in the superhero, Marvel/DC world, I would strongly reconsider! Continue reading “Wonder Woman”

Episode – Interactive Story Game

Hello, my lovely readers! Today’s story is actually about stories! There is a game I have been playing for around a year now that I would recommend to all my teens out there. it is called Episode! I’m gonna tell you guys all about the game, some stories that I have read, and some that I would recommend to you all. Keep reading to find out! Continue reading “Episode – Interactive Story Game”

Kids These Days / Bringing Up Brats

Hey, my loves I am back again with another piece that has two titles. It is not two separate stories but they grow on each other. Have you ever noticed how children have changed over the years? Not in terms of looks or intelligence, but the way they behave and conduct themselves. I found that instead of raising kids parents are actually, bringing up brats. Continue reading “Kids These Days / Bringing Up Brats”

Take Me To Greece!

Γειά σου! That is Hello in Greek guys. Any idea what I am writing about today? If you guessed Greece you are corrrect! Amongst the many things on my bucket list, I have been dying to go to Greece for a very long time. Thus, today I will be talking about all of the things I want to see and do! Continue reading “Take Me To Greece!”