Stephanie Soo

Hey Hey Readers! Have you ever heard of a popular video trend called mukbang? If the first thing that came to mind is ASMR, then you are right in the ballpark buddy. So today’s post is all about my one and only favorite mukbanger, Stephanie Soo! So without further adieu, its time for another Dan Dan Mukbang (+ blog post )!  Continue reading “Stephanie Soo”


Planned Parenthood

Hello loves! I hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday. I have one question for all you, do you know what Planned Parenthood is? If not let’s change that! This blog post is very important to me as I continue to use my platform to broaden horizons, share kind words, and inform! Planned Parenthood is such a crucial resource that people need to be more aware of and that’s my goal today! Please click to read more!

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Mobile Games of the Moment!

“Hey, you got games on your phone?” You know what, I do and today I am going to share them with you guys! Please keep in mind this is not sponsored and I have been playing most of these games for quite a while. I give you guys all you need to know about the games and they are all absolutely free! Let’s get into it! Continue reading “Mobile Games of the Moment!”

10 Fun Facts About Me!

Welcome back readers and Hello new faces! Happy Sunday! I am very pleased to say that we have reached 100 fabulous blog posts! I feel very blessed to have made it to this point and I really want to say thank you to everyone that has helped me make it this far, despite all the bumps in the road. So today’s post is actually about getting to know a bit more about me! What are you waiting for? Click on! Continue reading “10 Fun Facts About Me!”

My Favorite Ice Creams!

Hey Hey Hey loves! Welcome back to my blog page and welcome new readers! Today’s Sundae Special is getting a sweet change as I reveal some of my favorite ice cream flavors! I am still actively trying new ones and am always open to suggestions. So without further adieu let’s begin!

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The Office

Hello Hello my loves! Happy September! I have been getting some positive feedback on my recent reviews so I thought why not cap off a great run with another TV Show Review, this time on the very popular sitcom The Office! I know that this show has 2 versions, so to clarify, thanks to the British version that started it all, today we will be talking about the US version. Continue reading “The Office”

How I Met Your Mother

Hello Loves! I am back with another TV show review this lovely day and it is about the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). I finally finished the series today and I have so much to rant and rave about. Fasten your seatbelt loves, we’re going in! Continue reading “How I Met Your Mother”

Assassination Classroom!

Hello my loves! I need to apologize update you all on my absence, with fall semester approaching again I have been trying to move forward, and as quickly as possible with my artwork portfolio but please forgive me! To make up for it I have brought you all 2 very special blog posts on this glorious Sunday. I recently finished the popular anime series Assassination Classroom and I felt the calling to write about it. Read on to read all about this epic mind-boggling anime! Continue reading “Assassination Classroom!”

Things I’ve Learned About Friendship

Hello my loves! I hope you all had a very happy fourth of July and thank you for stopping by! Today I wanted to share with you all, especially some of my younger readers what I have learned about friendship so far. One of the most important things to a teen are friends. A lot of the time a social life takes priority over everything, even hygiene! Okay well, hopefully not hygiene, but read on to find out what I’ve learned! Continue reading “Things I’ve Learned About Friendship”


Hey there readers! Happy July! I know that we have been together for some time now and there is something that you all must know about me as we move on in our writer + reader friendship. My favorite show in the history of shows (despite the fact that I love A LOT of shows, not to mention movies..) is Daria. Now for my 2000 children, you may not know what the heck this show is, and the same goes for my latter 90’s kids. Allow me to give you a rundown and share some AMAZING news!! Continue reading “Daria”