So I Got A Wig.. First Time Thoughts!

Hey, my loves! I’m back with some updates! First off, I have reached 22! Thank God for keeping me alive and healthy all of these days. Second, to celebrate my birthday, I decided to get a wig for the very first time. For those who are interested, let me share my thoughts with you!

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Carol’s Daughter Wash Day Delight Review!

Hey loves! Happy Sunday! Today I’m back with another natural hair review! This was perhaps my strangest wash day trying out the new Carol’s Daughter line. This Wash Day Delight took me for a whirl and I’ll tell you why. Click to continue!

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1 Year Natural, What Have I Learned?

Folks, I can’t believe I did it. One full year of just me and my hair. I committed myself when I did my big chop that I would not do any protective styling that included additional hair for 1 year. Though that year, I would get to know every strand, coil, and unfortunately every knot. So if you want to know about my takeaways, just click to read on!

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Great Pretender Pt.2 Review

Hey friends! Welcome back to the blog! Before school takes over my life again, I had to make sure I finished Great Pretender. Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the last case, The Wizards of Far East, & why this has topped my anime charts! Keep Reading Confidence Man!

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The God of High School Review!

Good Morning Evening or Night to all of my wonderful readers out there! As promised, here I am with my final review of The God of High School. Click below to found out if Crunchyroll’s latest original was a win or loss?

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Velvet Taco Review!

W E L C O M E!! Or if you’re new welcome to KC’s 2021 Countdown Finale! Today marks day #6 and Happy New Year!! I’m coming with a new review! I must ask first, are you hungry? If course you are! So allow me to bring you s new spot to try. Click the link to sink your teeth into: Velvet Taco!

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Bridgerton – First Impression

Hello my lovely Readers! How is everybody doing and feeling now that we are almost in a new year? I am feeling good and watching something I think is worth talking about – and it is not anime!. Today for installment #5 of the countdown, I’m giving you all my first impressions based on episode 1 of the new Netflix series Bridgerton! Click here!

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The God of High School – First Impression

Hey Readers! Welcome back to the 4th installment of KC’s 2021 Countdown! I know we’re are used to seeing me post once I’ve reached the conclusion of an anime, but I thought let’s try a first impressions post. The topic? The Crunchyroll original anime: The God of High School! Click to read!

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Frozen Food Wins!

Hey Loves!! Welcome back to my 3rd installment of KC’s 2021 countdown! I’ll be bringing you a new post every day until we meet the new (& hopefully Covid free) year! Today I am talking about something a little taboo. It’s cold, sometimes unappetizing, but super convenient. Yes, I’m talking about frozen food. So if you don’t feel like cooking tonight, say heck no, and click below!

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Full Wash Day w/ Aussie Miracle!

Hey my loves! If you are new welcome to the blog & I’m super excited you are here! Today is the second day of my 2021 countdown and I’m bringing you some motivation. The motivation to do your hair! No excuses! We’ve been under hats and bonnets all year so let’s get it together for the one time. Grab your hair products it’s time for a full wash day. Join me as I try out Aussie Miracle for the first time!

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